Kodok's Run is a two colour screen printed book made in a limited edition of 30 copies. The colours are transparent so where they overlap there is the impression of a third colour. It is folded as an accordion book, 46 pages in total, and each page is 28,5cm wide and about 30cm high, and the spine of the book is about 2cm in width.

The story is presented in two ways, one is the hardback book with fabric wrapped around the cover, the other is the hanging piece, where the whole story is hanging from nylon string attached to the ceiling. On the hanging piece the first page is connected with the last page making a loop in an oval shape. Kodok's Run was my final master project when graduating from Konstfack University college of arts, crafts and design in Stockholm. The book was finished in May 2010. The photos were taken by Stephanie Wiegner.

The offset edition of Kodok's Run was published by Jippi forlag in May 2011, it is printed in two pantone colours, and has a hardback cover with a screen printed fabric wrapped around it.












published by Jippi.
Cover of the offset edition : published by Jippi.