Martin Ernstsen (1982) comes from Kjeller in Norway. He is currently living in Oslo where he is working as a freelance comic artist and illustrator. He has published eight comic albums & books with Jippi Comics, the latest of which is "Du snakker med feil person" from 2014. He has also published various self published fanzines, the most recent being "Victoria" (2016). Aside from working with comics he also does children's books, and debuted on Cappelen Damm in 2013 with "Hvor er Albert?" ("Where is Albert?"). His second children's book "Fillip flipper ut" ("Fillip flips out") was published in 2015. His work is also to be found in comic anthologies like Forresten, Canicola, Kuti, Angst, Allt För Konsten, Stripburger, and L'Episode.
He has taken part in comic exhibitions like "Comics aus Berlin" in Berlin, "12R21 De nye tegneseriene" in Oslo, "Krøll" in Bastia, Corsica, "Jahaa! Autorencomics aus den Nordischen Ländern" in Berlin, "The Nordic Comic Project" at the Helsinki Comics Centre in Finland and "Tegneserier, plakater og illustrasjoner" at Avistegnernes hus.


2008 - 2010: MA Storytelling, Konstfack - University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

2002 - 2005: BA (hons) Illustration, Kent University of Art and Design (now University College of Creative Arts), Maidstone, England.

2004: Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain. Bellas Artes (Erasmus exchange in Fine Arts).

Children's books:

Fillip flipper ut (Cappelen Damm 2015)
Hvor er Albert? (Cappelen Damm 2013)

Comic albums:

Du snakker med feil person (Jippi forlag 2014)
Eremitt (Jippi forlag 2012)
Syklus (Jippi forlag 2012)
Kodok's Run (Jippi forlag 2011)
Fugløya (Jippi forlag 2009)
Ugler 2 (Jippi forlag 2008)
Ugler 1 (Jippi forlag 2007)
Nissefugl (Jippi forlag 2007)

Other books:

Smuss (Cappelen Damm 2014, as an editor and comic artist)

Current projects:

- I'm working on a comic adaptation of Knut Hamsun's novel "Hunger".
- I'm also working on a sequel to the science fiction comic Syklus.

Comic festivals:

- Toronto TCAF in May 2017
- Oslo Comics Expo spring 2017